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Since 1996, Desert Wind Shutters has been southern Arizona’s premiere source for the very best in American made shutters. In addition to our premiere line of O’Hair and Hunter Douglas custom shutters, our offerings include blinds, shades, verticals, and faux shutters.


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Desert Wind Shutters


Better Window Treatments by Design

Desert Wind Shutters is committed to quality and superior craftsmanship. Every shutter is custom built to your exact specifications to fit you windows and suit you personal taste. We pay attention to the details of both craftsmanship and installation to ensure a custom fit that will provide a lifetime of function and beauty.

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Harsh light at the window? Our products feature innovative fabric designs that transform sunlight into a wonderful soft glow and help protect your furnishings from damaging UV rays. Want more light? Our products can help channel light deeper into your room, filling dark corners and reducing your need for electrical lighting. Want daytime or nighttime privacy? Our products and operating systems provide clever ways for giving you the privacy you want while maintaining your view-through to the outside.

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Energy Efficiency

Keep your rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer thanks to our energy-efficient products—specially engineered with cellular air pockets that can block up to 50% of the heat transfer at the window.


Smart-Home Shade Automation

Imagine your shades moving automatically to the exact position you prefer—to achieve the specific lighting effect you love or adjusting themselves for the optimal energy efficiency throughout the day. Our revolutionary PowerView® Motorization system automatically moves your shades according to schedules you set. Your shades will always be in their perfect positions 24/7—no hands required!


Beautiful, Unique Designs

Whatever your aesthetic style or home lighting need, Hunter Douglas has a visually stunning and functionally amazing window treatment solution designed to wow you. We offer the broadest selection of innovative product types, elegant performance fabrics and intelligent shade operating systems.