When choosing between plantation shutters, shades, or blinds for window coverings, you may decide based on the benefits of each. Our custom-designed plantation shutters are made to keep your home cool, with energy efficiency, light control, and privacy in mind. In comparison to shades and blinds, these are by far the best option for insulation. If deciding based upon time as a factor, these take approximately 4 - 6 weeks from the time of ordering. 



Our Hand Crafted Catalina Shutters Are Designed and Built in Tucson

Our custom Catalina shutters are solidly built and are the highest quality hardwood shutters available anywhere. They feature superior reinforced construction, perfect smooth finishes, and unrivaled beauty. As we make these from scratch, ourselves, we’re able to match the profiles of other shutters in your home that may have come from other companies.



O'hair Shutters - Unmatched Quality, Unmatched Design

O'Hair plantation shutters are made in America from American hardwood and feature solid hardwood construction – no laminates or plywood cores. O’Hair has a patent on their aluminum rod for increased strength and longevity of their window coverings, and feature beautiful smooth or textured finishes as well. Their unique offerings are perfect for the widest size of shutters. 



Hunter Douglas - Better Window Treatments By Design


For almost 100 years Hunter Douglas has dedicated themselves to studying the properties of light at the window, discovering new ways to manage the daily illumination, privacy and energy management needs of a home, and pioneering innovative designs for window coverings that add value and style to any room. Their research has led to three lines of extremely functional shutters. The Palm Beach are waterproof, synthetic plantation shutters that are often used in kitchens or bathrooms, while the New Style is a hybrid shutter with the look of wood. The Heritage Hardwood Shutters offer all the elegance of traditional wood shutters, with a wide variety of colors and frame profiles to choose from.